Barcelona Company Creates Plant-Based Food Using 3D Technology

Barcelona Based Company Creates Plant-Based Food Using 3D Technology

The plant-based food industry is forever changing with the help of technology. It’s the way that companies perfect new options for consumers who live a plant-based lifestyle. With the popularity of plant-based food rising, it looks like we may see a new wave of how foods are prepared, and an international Spanish-based company may be the one to thank.

Barcelona-based company Novameat has changed the game. The food-tech startup is responsible for creating plant-based meat substitutes for steak and pork but with a twist. According to Now This News, the company created meat substitutes through 3D printing in 2018. Novameat has developed synthetic, 3D-printed meat that’s 100% plant-based and mimics real beef and chicken texture.

With anything, research takes time and has to be accurate before introducing a concept to the world. Novameat’s CEO and researcher Giuseppe Scionti has been grinding for over ten years to make his company come to fruition. Using his skills and knowledge as a specialist in biomedicine and tissue engineering, he has been working on bioprinting synthetic tissues for some time. Some of his work includes artificial corneas and skin to artificial ears.

In an interview with Business Insider, Giuseppe described how creating the texture of the meat was challenging. “The texture is precisely the factor that’s most difficult to perfect with regards to synthetic meat. It has a fibrous texture,” he said.

It would make sense for Giuseppe to shift his research and head into the plant-based industry due to it being so lucrative. Allied market research shows that the vegan food market size was valued at $14.2 billion in 2018 and, in 2024, expects to reach $31.4 billion. Currently, his company is valued at $20.7 billion and is estimated to grow to $23.2 bill in the next three years.

Roommates, if you’re interested in trying Novameat, you’ll have to be patient. The meats aren’t accessible to the public right now, but it’s coming next year. Reports from Reuters state that consumers can hopefully expect to grab Novameats in restaurants and supermarkets in 2022.

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