If you’ve been keeping up with ‘Basketball Wives’ this season then you know it’s no secret that Jen has been trying to get a restraining order against her ex boo Tim Norman. Well, her request was ultimately denied by a judge because the court found no reason to “ok” the restraining order. ‘Basketball Wives’ fans took to Twitter after last night’s episode and let’s just say no one really believes Jen was out here getting stalked by Tim. Swipe through and see!

If you remember on the show, Jen alleged that Tim was stalking her and would also harass her. Tim shot all these claims down and tried to get a restraining order on Jen but his was denied as well. He alleged that she slashed his tires and tried to run him over with a car, TMZ reports.

Both were granted temporary restraining orders but their requests for permanent ones were thrown right on out.