Les Twins Explain How Beyoncé "Saved" Their Lives

Les Twins Explain How Beyoncé “Saved” Their Lives After Being Hired As Her Backup Dancers

The Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, recently recalled their life-saving encounter with Beyoncé.

The famous dancers have been working with Beyoncé since 2011, playing a huge part in her ‘4’ era when they were hired as her new backup dancers.

Les Twins Have Been Working With Beyoncé For Over A Decade

Since then, the French brothers have become a crucial part of her ensemble, appearing in her music videos, accompanying her on world tours, and ALWAYS being in perfect sync right behind her.

Beyoncé demonstrated her high regard for Les Twins by bringing them back for another run in the Renaissance Tour, despite replacing many of her longtime dancers, such as former dance captain Ashley Everett.

And in a new interview with VIBE, the pair opened up about their long-standing relationship with Bey, crediting her for giving them a shot when nobody else believed in their artistry.

“[Beyoncé] doesn’t even have to say she needs help. Our relationship is very special because she saved our lives,” Larry told the publication.

He explains how they were in a tough spot before Beyoncé entered their lives and changed their circumstances overnight.

He added that her appearance resembled an “angel” and explained that they go the extra mile for the mother of three because of her significant impact on not just their careers but also their livelihood.

“We was in a spot before Beyoncé, and it was not– I can’t really say it, but I don’t feel ashamed,” he said. “It’s just very deep and she appeared like an angel and we thank her in the way we dance for her. And only for her it would be like this.”

Apparently, They’re Also Part-Time Stylists On Her Tour

But Les Twins have proven themselves to be so much more than just Beyonce’s dancers.

One of the most notable instances of their dedication came to light during a tour date in Germany last summer, where Bey was close to suffering a nip-slip at her Renaissance show.

The top half of her dress was beginning to slip. But being the eagle-eyed professional dancers that they are, the brothers caught the moment as it happened and wasted no time to help fix Bey’s outfit.

They strategically came together, with one brother dancing in front of her while the other helped place Bey’s hand over the slip to signal that she had a slight wardrobe malfunction.

Bey, without missing a beat, fixed her outfit, and the show continued without a hitch. Speaking of their time on this tour in particular, Laurent continued:

“The Renaissance tour was a total [rebirth] for Les Twins, too. Not just for her, not just for the project, not just for the messages behind it. Everything made sense.”

Let’s hope we see more of them when Bey hits the road in support of her new album, ‘Renaissance: Act II.’

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