'Big Brother' Runner-Up Derek Frazier Steps Into The Shade Room, Talks About The Show's 23rd Season, Future Plans & More (Exclusive Details) - The Shade Room

‘Big Brother’ Runner-Up Derek Frazier Steps Into The Shade Room, Talks About The Show’s 23rd Season, Future Plans & More (Exclusive Details)

Last week CBS’s competition show “Big Brother” wrapped up its 23rd season with Xavier Prather being crowned the season winner. His win made history as he became the first black winner in the show’s history. However, the world knew early on the season would become historic with the final six contestants that were left in the house. They all formed an alliance known as “The Cookout,” which was a historic moment on its own.


The show’s runner-up, Derek Frazier, was also a sight to see as he brought his own level of excitement into the house and battled it out week after week to make it to the final two. Although he came in second place, he did walk away with a $75,000 prize.


We caught up with Derek to talk about his time on the show, what he was able to take away from the experience, his future plans, and more.



This season of Big Brother will forever go down in history because the final six contestants were all black, and Xavier Prather was crowned as the winner of the show, and you were the runner-up. How does it feel to know you’re a part of such a historic moment in the show’s history? 


It feels amazing to be a part of a big movement that needed to happen especially on a platform like Big Brother. Knowing that we had all six of us make it to the end being African-American decent really does show how our community can work together and build together no matter what (as black people). I still can’t believe that I came in second place but I am very happy for Xavier. Myself and him made a final two on day one and we knew that we were gonna be brothers the whole entire game so I was very happy if I was going to lose at least against him.


“The Cookout” is a great example of the things our community can achieve when it comes to sticking together. Why was it important for you and your castmates to show that to viewers?


The Cookout is a very good example for the black community because it shows that no matter what at the end of the day we only have each other and you don’t let anyone ever break up a black community and we wanted to show that because at the end of the day it’s just a reality show but we are family always.


What was the hardest competition for you to complete during your time in the house?


The hardest competition would have to be ‘Four of a Kind,’ which was the competition I did against Azah for the second part of the HOH competition and it was difficult because me being the size I am there was no way that I could be able to stand on top of that spinning wheel and run. It was very frustrating because I wanted to win so badly but I just physically could not do it and I ended up messing up my knees pretty badly, but I wanted to show people that no matter how big you are or your size, you can always do something.


What would you say is the most important lesson you learned while competing on the show? 


What I learned on the show is that life is short and that you should cherish every moment with your friends and family and people that you love because when you’re in the house for three months and everything is taken away from you, you really do think about your life and the people that you love and how you want to be coming out of the house, and how you want to be a stronger person. And you want to show everyone that they are important to you. So I’m very thankful that I was in the house to get the wake up call that I needed and I think God for that.


Could you see yourself joining another competition-based show? 


Absolutely, I would love to do another competition show I think that this time around I don’t have to worry about anyone else but myself, and I can really be the messy villain that I want to be and have fun at that. And if not, I would like to have my own show…. you know I am single and I am looking for love! My life is very interesting especially being the son of Smokin Joe Frazier!


What would you say is one thing you hope viewers walked away with while watching you on the show? 

I hope the viewers will see that I was being myself the whole entire time.. and that learning to laugh and having fun and having a sense of humor is very important in life! Also, remember, you owe nothing to anyone in life, you only have yourself which is me, myself, and I. Never let anyone judge you for your decisions or who you are! OR the person you want to be because the people that know you are the people that are close to you!




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