Big Freedia has been making her mark in the music industry and it’s clear sis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The Bounce Queen has already been featured on Beyoncé’s last album and had a sample of her voice used in Drake’s “Nice For What” song. A lot of people were surprised that Freedia wasn’t featured in Drake’s video for the song and felt like it was a snub to the LGBT community. Well, Freedia sat down with TMZ and revealed that she hit Drake up after she heard he was shooting his “In My Feelings” video in her city.

“I decided to hit him up myself. I said, ‘Why didn’t you let me know you were in New Orleans?’ He was like, ‘I just got here. Why don’t you come here? We’re shooting the video tonight. I want you to get a few cameos.’ So I did that. I had to call my people at midnight to wake me up and do my hair. And I made it to the video shoot at about 2 am and we hung out till about 6 am. He didn’t want me to get off the mic. He wanted me to rock the mic and the crowd all night”

“It wasn’t no real apology because I guess he [Drake] felt like you didn’t make ‘Nice For What’ but that’s why I made sure that I responded as soon as you hit me up so you could be ‘In My Feelings’ in that video.”

“It’s definitely a stepping in the right direction and I think that other artists out there, should feel the same way. That no matter what your background is, no matter if you’re a gay artist, we can be able to be there just as anyone else.”

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