Big Sean Goes Off On His Ex Naya Rivera In New Song! (Listen Inside!)

Big Sean Goes Off On His Ex Naya Rivera In New Song! (Listen Inside!)


Dang! Big Sean really went off on his ex Naya Rivera! If you missed out on the TEA, Big Sean broke off his engagement with Naya Rivera a few months ago because he said she was cray-cray! Three months after Big Sean broke off the engagement Ms. Koo-Koo for Cocoa Puffs decided to go off and get married to Ryan Dorsey the same exact day that she was supposed to marry Rapper Big Sean. If that doesn’t sound like crazy then we don’t know what crazy really is! Now, Big Sean has moved on and started dating singer Ariana Grande. He even thanks God he found a “new girl” in his new song, “I Don’t F With You” ft. E40.

Big Sean disses his ex- Naya Rivera so hard in his song it’s not funny! Read the lyrics below:

“I don’t give a f about you or anything that you do

I see you got a new man I see you taking the pic

I see you post it up thinking that it’s making me sick

I see you calling up Imma answer that ish like ‘I don’t f with you’”

This song is dope as ever, and the beat definitely makes you want to bump this in your car. But dang Big Sean did you have to go off like that??? Well, we would if we were in his position! The fact that Naya Rivera moved on so quickly and got married three months after they broke off their engagement can only mean a few things:

1) Either she was already dating Ryan Dorsey during the course of her relationship with Big Sean


2) Her only motivation is to be married. Meaning getting married has nothing to do with the groom, but simply her need to be a wife.


3) She’s seeking a sick and twisted kind of revenge against him.

Either way, he has reason to be mad. Not to mention, Big Sean is known for trashing his exes in his music! That’s a part of why we love him right? Because he keeps it real!

Listen Below:



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