Big Sean Playfully Checks Joe Budden Over Jhene Aiko In New Interview

Big Sean Playfully Checks Joe Budden Over Jhene Aiko In New Interview

In a promise to be more social in 2020, Big Sean recently sat down with Joe Budden for the latest episode of his popular YouTube series and the two chopped it up about several issues. One of the most interesting moments, however, was when Sean playfully checked Joe regarding his past comments about her.

Big Sean doesn’t do that many interviews, so when he decided to stop by Joe Budden’s “Pull Up” series on YouTube, his fans were excited. He opened up more than he has in several years, regarding his past struggles with depression, his rumored beef with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar and his newly rekindled relationship with girlfriend Jhene Aiko.

When speaking about Jhene being a big influence in her particular genre of R&B, Big Sean gushed about her talent. That’s when Joe interjected and said, “I wish she would unblock me” and Sean promptly responded with “you shouldn’t have been talking all that s**t then.”

In case you don’t know what he’s referring to, it’s in reference to Joe’s comments from last November when he said that Jhene has not grown as an artist and continues to make the same type of music repeatedly. Those comments are likely what led to her blocking him.

However, Sean and Joe were playful in the moment and overall it was a very enlightening interview, specifically when he addressed the long-standing rumored beef between himself and Kendrick Lamar.

On their current relationship, he said:

“It got to a point where somehow, it was just a weird tension between me and him even though it was already said it was no beef because people made it that way. Fast forward, I let the sh*t go. He let the sh*t go. He never talked about it. I never talked about it and I should’ve said something. I should’ve just came out and been like, ‘Nah, that ain’t it.’ Got his number and we communicated. The respect is mutual. It was literally nothing.”

Big Sean is currently hard at work on a new album, which fans hope will be released sometime this year.


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