Blac Chyna Addresses Rumors About Her & Rob Kardashian's Relationship Being A Ploy To Get Back At Tyga & Kylie - The Shade Room

Blac Chyna Addresses Rumors About Her & Rob Kardashian’s Relationship Being A Ploy To Get Back At Tyga & Kylie

Roommates, for the first time ever, Blac Chyna sat down for an on-air interview! Of course she had to spill alllllll the tea to Wendy, and no questions were off limits. Chyna talked about errrrry’thang from her childhood to her relationship with Tyga, and her relationship with Rob Kardashian.
The whole world was convinced Chyna became involved with Rob to get back at Tyga, who had started dating Kylie when she was only 17. But, Chyna says it didn’t go down like that! Apparently, Rob started to hit Chyna up when she was out of town, and as a former friend of the Kardashian clan, Chyna agreed to link up!
But, Chyna says after that first link, the rest was history! In the detailed interview, she talks about Rob being ‘needy’, and her instincts to want to help him out of a tough situation.
“I waited about a week and a half to meet up with him. I went to Khloe’s house at the time, just the two of us,” Chyna said. “And basically it was just a connection right then and there.”
Chyna then had Rob move out of Khloe’s house and move in with her. That’s when Rob’s life really started to change! Chyna says she convinced him to cut his hair, and even helped him lose weight!
“I didn’t feel sorry for Rob, it was just different,” Chyna told Wendy. “I didn’t feel sorry for him I just wanted him to see his worth.”
Shortly after Rob and Chyna moved in together, Chyna got pregnant with baby Dream. The two now have joint custody of her, and are on very pleasant terms.
The interview got a little spicy toward the end though! Wendy hit Chyna with a really juicy question: “Who was a better lover between Tyga and Rob?”
Although Chyna was trying to be modest at first, sis came right out with it and named Rob the champ!
Chyna is now working on a new docu-series about her life on the Zeus network!


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