Blac Chyna Claims She's Broke With $3,000 In Checking Account

Blac Chyna Claims To Have $3,000 In Checking Account: ‘Honestly Angela White Is Broke’ (VIDEO)

Blac Chyna says her funds are low, like $3,000 in the checking account type of low.

The entrepreneur revealed her alleged financial status during a recent interview with content creator Mister Lewis. When he asked Chyna what she does for a living, she responded that she’s a TV personality and entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses.

However, her initial response to the question, “how much money you make in a year” raised some eyebrows online.

“Honestly, Angela White is broke,” she said.

Still, she allowed Mister Lewis to guess her yearly income, with his answer being $10 million. She confirmed she makes less than $10M but didn’t give an official number or range in the video published during Grammy weekend.

For context, Mister Lewis is known for conducting street talk interviews highlighting people’s financial status and money-making ways.


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Blac Chyna Discusses Her Income In Viral TikTok Video

Chyna’s reveal seemingly contradicts a report published by Statista in June 2022. The report claims Blac Chyna pulled an estimated $20 million per month in 2021 from OnlyFans content. It also dubbed her the platform’s top-earning creator that year.

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It’s unclear if Chyna was kidding about only having $3,000, but Mister Lewis’s video clip didn’t offer any additional clarifications. Instead, they spoke about Blac Chyna owning a home in California allegedly valued at $3.8 million. Chyna also revealed she has a 768 credit score.


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Meanwhile, TikTokers in Mister Lewis’ comment section debated Chyna’s answers.

One user wrote, “for legal reasons, her answers were not correct.”

While someone else said, “she smart, she ain’t spilling no real info about how much she got.” 

Another user added, “Setting up that bankruptcy that she gonna file, so she don’t have to pay the Kardashians.” 

In June, TMZ cited court docs from the Kardashian family’s attorneys regarding her debt to them following her $100 million defamation lawsuit loss. She reportedly owed her daughter’s family $391,094 plus legal fees. It’s unclear if that debt has since been paid or if it’s in the process of being paid.


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