Blac Chyna Explains Selling Items & Custody Battle With Tyga

Blac Chyna Explains Selling Her Belongings Amid Custody Battle With Tyga, Alleges He Has ‘Diminished’ Her Role As A Mom

Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, is explaining her ongoing custody battle with Tyga and her decision to sell her personal belongings amid the proceedings. As The Shade Room previously reported, Chyna filed a petition to establish the paternity of their 10-year-old son King, in August. Additionally, the mother of two requested that she and Tyga share joint custody of King as she collects child support from the rapper.

Most recently, it was reported that Chyna was selling her “wardrobe” to fund the ongoing custody battle.

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Blac Chyna Speaks On Her Current Romance Before Explaining The Decision To Sell Her Items

The businesswoman sat down for an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight published Tuesday. Before detailing her decision to sell her items, Blac Chyna shared more information about her current romance with songwriter Derrick Milano. As The Shade Room previously reported, the couple revealed their relationship in late September.

“We’ve been together actually a little over four months, but we’ve been knowing each other since 2019,” Chyna told the outlet.

As she continued, she explained that she had “met his family,” and he had met hers.

“I’ve met his family, he’s met my family. I actually just traveled to go see my mom… we went to go visit her, and my mom loves Derrick,” Chyna continued. “And my mama don’t like nobody, so I’m like, ‘Thank you!'”

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As the interview continued, Chyna addressed recent reports that she’s selling her items amid the custody battle with Tyga. The mother of two further explained her decision and said she “just kind of wanted a fresh start.”

“I feel like a lot of things hold energy, right? And we had discussed this before, I just kind of wanted a fresh start,” Chyna said. “And I don’t think nothing’s wrong with selling your old stuff.”

Chyna continued by sharing that at this point in her life, she doesn’t “value materialistic things.”

I feel like, at this point in my life, I don’t really value materialistic things. Yeah, it looks nice, but it’s like, why go out and grind and hustle for this money to go and spend it on something that could potentially just disappear?” she said. ”

You might leave it somewhere, somebody could rob you, steal from you, and all of that. That’s why I kind of like also stepped away from wearing a lot of flashy jewelry. I feel like I’m a target already, so why even bring more attention to myself?”

More Details Are Shared Regarding The Ongoing Custody Battle & Chyna’s Allegations Against Tyga

Before concluding the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blac Chyna briefly touched on the ongoing custody battle with Tyga. The 35-year-old, who also shares a six-year-old daughter with Rob Kardashian, explained that the matter is “the most important thing” to her “right now.”

“The most important thing for me right now is battling my custody case to get my son, King,” Chyna explained to the outlet. “Once that’s out the way, I feel like I can go onto the next thing, but that right now is my main priority. My kids are my main priority… [and] I’m not gonna give up, at all. Moms don’t give up on their kids.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, new documents filed by Chyna and obtained by TMZ earlier this week allege Tyga has been interfering in Chyna’s “limited time” with King. Additionally, TMZ reported that Chyna’s time with King is approximately 24 hours a week.

According to PEOPLE, the documents allege that Tyga abruptly cut off all “direct communication” with Chyna regarding King in “mid-2019.”

“To this day I am not sure what triggered Respondent and what happened that resulted in his refusal to communicate with me within normal channels. I was no longer able to directly communicate with Respondent via text message or email; and he would not disclose his home address, where King resided, to me either.”

Additionally, Chyna has alleged that Tyga “began to keep King during my weekends, with no communication, having no regard for my parenting time.”

“I was left completely in the dark as to where King lived, what Respondent’s contact information was, or what was happening in King’s life…

Respondent’s absolute disregard for me as King’s Mother did not end… He continued to interfere with my time with King, with little to no communication…”

The documents allegedly add that in spring 2023, Chyna “stopped receiving all communications” from King’s school.

“I have reason to believe that Respondent has now enrolled King into a new school and has refused to give me the information and failed to give the school my information…,” the documents read, as per PEOPLE. Respondent has taken this matter into his own hands with no awareness of the damage he is causing our son. My parenting time continues to be minimized and Respondent faces no repercussions for his actions.”

Ultimately, Chyna reportedly explained that the alleged matter with Tyga “has simply gone on too long.” Additionally, the 35-year-old asserts that her “role as King’s mother continues to be diminished.”

“I have finally found the courage to ask the Court for the most basic legal and physical custody orders. This has simply gone on too long and my role as King’s mother continues to be diminished,” Chyna reportedly explained. “That is in no way in the best interest of our son.”

Chyna is asking the court to “establish custodial orders” so she can begin “frequent and continuing contact” with King. Additionally, so she can be  “provided equal access in the decision-making process as it relates to his health, safety, and welfare.” The mother of two adds that the 10-year-old has also “expressed that he wants to have more time” with her and his younger sister, Dream.

“It is important to me that King and Dream get the chance to create beautiful memories as siblings. They are very close to each other and love each other very much,” the documents read, as per PEOPLE.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Tyga does not seem to support Chyna’s recent filings.

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