Blac Chyna has been real quiet in the streets lately, we haven’t really heard much from the entrepreneur until now. Chyna sat down with @DailyMailTV for an exclusive interview and cleared up a few things, like the misconception that the Kardashian’s gave Chyna her fame.

Chyna spoke with @DailyMailTV’s Brandi Williams and said, “I was already famous before [being affiliated with the Kardashians].”

She took a trip down memory lane and let the interviewer know that she was poppin’ in DC and Miami from her stripper days.

“I already was [a celebrity], even back in D.C., I took over that, went to Miami and I was a celebrity down there. Came to LA, same thing. I kind of ran all three states and I’m actually kind of proud of that.”

According to @HotNewHipHop, Chyna became an exotic dancer back in 2006 after graduating high school.

“I actually had a booking and I think it was in Tennessee,” she said. “These guys introduced me to Drake, and Drake you know put me in a song and I started doing all the music videos and the magazines.”

Drake mentioned Chyna’s name in his song “Miss Me,” saying: “Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’ll be worth the flight / I be at my table stackin’ dollars till the perfect height.”

Chyna also spilled some tea about her rap aspirations. She said she’s building a small studio in her home and admitted that she really wants to work with Drake, the guy who put her on after all.

“I’d be like Drake, you put me on that first time, maybe we could do a little 2.0. I would love that.”

All in all, Chyna says her music has a little bit of everything. “My music is actually kind of fire. I have a little bit of singing, a little bit of rapping and I have a little love song.”

She admits though that her music won’t be out just yet.

“We are just testing it out right now. I’m not about to throw myself out there. [I want to] make sure everything is in line.”

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