Blac Chyna Reacts, Explains Appearance In Wendy Williams Doc

Blac Chyna Shares Her Reaction & Explains Why She Appeared In The ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Documentary

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, is opening up about her reaction to the ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ documentary and explaining her brief appearance.

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Blac Chyna Speaks On Her Appearance

On Wednesday, April 10, Entertainment Tonight published an exclusive interview with White. During the conversation, the 35-year-old reflected on appearing in an episode of the four-part documentary that aired in February, per The Shade Room.

During White’s appearance, she visited Williams at her apartment in New York City. At the time, White thanked the former talk show host for putting her in her “place” years prior.

“That’s why I love you so much, ’cause even when I was going through my darkest times, you never used that against me,” White told Williams. “And that’s how you know that the love is genuine, and it’s always gon’ be there.”

Additionally, White told Williams she would be visiting her more frequently.

In response, Williams, whose team recently revealed her diagnosis with aphasia and dementia, told White that her real name was “Hunter.” Additionally, she stated that she was divorced.

Ultimately, the pair’s interaction elicited an emotional response from viewers.

While speaking with ET, White explained that she was surprised to see the presence of a camera crew when she visited Williams.

“I just went over to her house,” White said. “…I was there for Wendy, and I didn’t even know that they were, like, filming a documentary.”

The Mother Of Two Shares Her Reaction To The Documentary

Additionally, White shared that she has yet to watch the documentary in full despite her brief appearance.

“I’ve seen certain clips and things like that,” she explained. “I’m the type of person if I see more than what I need to see, I’m gonna have to dig and get to the bottom of certain things, and I’m just like, ‘Whatever for me is supposed to be for me,’ you know what I mean?”

However, despite not yet tuning into the documentary, White believes “it was definitely necessary to be made.”

“I definitely think that for me, to be honest, I think it was definitely necessary to be made,” she said. “I feel like… people actually do need to see it ’cause it is happening, and it can really, honestly happen to anybody… maybe this is gonna help other people to see.”

Furthermore, White explained that learning of Williams’ struggle with alcoholism made her “upset” due to her own personal struggles.

“…I’m gonna tell you this; I did start it; it did make me upset ’cause the struggling with the alcohol like that was one of my things struggling with the alcohol,” she continued. “So to see Wendy, you know, struggling obviously with the alcohol and her substances over the years, you know, it hurts, and it’s like the alcohol part with me, so it’s like I can relate to that.”

A Brief Recap Of What Was Shared In ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’

As The Shade Room previously reported, ‘Where is Wendy Williams’ aired via the Lifetime network for a two-day event beginning on Saturday, February 24.

The documentary viewers gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the former talk show host’s recent struggle with alcoholism.

Additionally, it showed Williams’ life as she lived under the jurisdiction of a court-appointed guardianship. Most notably, the documentary highlighted how the guardianship impacted Williams’ relationship with her family and how she planned to navigate her return to television.

After the documentary aired, numerous celebrities, such as Dr. Phil, Steve Wilkos, and Charlamagne Tha God, came forward. They each expressed their concern for Williams’ well-being.

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