Black Boutique Owner Alleges Michael Costello Called Her A Racial Slur

Black Boutique Owner Alleges Michael Costello Called Her A Racial Slur

Just a day after Michael Costello alleged that Chrissy Teigen bullied him into thinking about suicide in 2014, a Black boutique owner stated the two had a fight after he called her a “Black Ni**er bit**.”

Posting to her instagram, Maxie stated, “Wew! On[e] think about that karma boy! It aaaaalways finds its way back around! Even if it’s 7 years later!”

Maxie continued to say, “Michael Costello got the nerve to be playing victim of being bullied, but called his self bullying 7 years ago, and called me a “Black Ni**er Bit**” in a fabric store downtown he had the wrong one tho cus I most certainly whooped his a** almost went to jail too.” Maxie added, “Thank God for his mercy Cus I certainly LOST IT I never experienced racism before All I knew to do was FIGHT”


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As previously reported, in a detailed post, Michael released alleged messages between the two, in which she allegedly told him he deserved to die and suffer because he was a racist.

This exchange happened after a comment went viral and alleged that Michael used the “N” word, during an exchange with a boutique owner. Though denying it and insisting the comment was photoshopped, Michael stated Chrissy’s comments drove him to the brink of suicide.

On Friday, John Legend defended his wife, stating the alleged screenshots were fake.

“Chrissy apologized for her public tweets, but after her apology, Mr Costello fabricated a DM exchange between them. This exchange was made up, completely fake, never happened. Receipts below:

Honestly I don’t know why anyone would fake DMs to insert themselves in this narrative, but that’s what happened.

I encourage everyone who breathlessly spread this lie to keep that same energy when they correct the record”

As you know, Chrissy Teigen offered a lengthy apology for her trolling behavior online. As a result of her actions, she lost a partnership with Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.


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