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Black Girl Magic! 14-Year-Old Girl Custom Made Her Big Sister’s Prom Dress

It’s prom season for many high-schoolers and the only thing more important than prom itself are the prom fits—mainly the dresses.  

Mikayla Lewis’ 14-year-old sister Courtney came through for her by custom making her prom dress. At first, Mikayla was reportedly hesitant on the idea of her lil sis making her dress for a huge occassion, but sis definitely has no regrets now. Mikayla and Courtney apparently talked through the vision as Courtney started sketching dress ideas in November.

“As they talked through the process, Mikayla became more comfortable with the idea that her sister would be making her prom gown,” their mother Crystal said. 

“When I saw the dress on Mikayla, I was a bit emotional. I’ve always had confidence in Courtney’s talent, but to see it on my oldest almost brought me to tears.”

Crystal tells Yahoo News that Courtney’s beeeeen wanting to do things of like.

“She attended a performing arts middle school as a theater major, and she’s done makeup for a mega-church theater production. So it was no surprise Courtney would ask to take on the task of making her sister’s dress.”

Courtney definitely did her thing with this dress and we look forward to seeing what more she’ll come up with!

Peep What her mum had to say below!


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My 14 year old daughter tells people that she wants to design doll clothes when she grows up. People look at her funny because it seems like an odd career choice. But I know my child, she’ll design doll clothes and she’s going to be great at it. She told us she was going to create her sisters prom dress and I looked at her funny! That’s a major event. I even saved money to the side, for just in case. And then I decided to have faith in her ability and used the money for something else. The video highlights the journey. Have faith in your ability! Don’t let anyone dictate the outcome of your journey and destiny because it sounds odd to them. Dress: Courtney Lewis (with help from @syreetacfashion) Make Up: @tattedupmommy Hair: @1stladydw_ ????: @eitb_blog

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