Black Twitter Finds Comedic Relief With #RonaAndChill In The Midst Of Viral Outbreak

Black Twitter Finds Comedic Relief With #RonaAndChill In The Midst Of Viral Outbreak

Leave it to Black Twitter to give us a bit of comedic relief, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A play on “Netflix and Chill,” #RonaAndChill and “Quarantine Bae” are two phrases that have emerged, since most of the world has been sequestered to stay home.

Chile, with all of this chaos in the world, you’d think a Bae would be the last thang on someone’s mind but apparently not.


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#TSRRoommateDiaries: #Roomies, have y’all found a #QuarantineBae for #RonaAndChill? ????????????????#PutUsInYoBusiness #Coronavirus

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“Meanwhile the topic of discussion in my group chat: Y’all got y’all a quarantine bae?”

Another tweet read, “Bet u be laid up with one this weekend tho #RonaAndChill.”

Why are we like this, LOL?! 

In all seriousness, the Coronavirus continues to make its way ‘round around the world. The whole country of Italy has been quarantined, in addition to schools all over the United States now closed for weeks.

It seems we’re making progress though. Most recently, Donald Trump has declared a ‘National Emergency’ and is giving states and territories access to $50 billion in federal funds to combat the epidemic.

Also, service providers–AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile, and Comcast have signed the “Keeping American’s Connected” pledge and will not disconnect services. Some providers have even increased speeds significantly.

As we reported, While the world is currently in limbo, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)  has forged a commitment with many of the broadband service providers, according to Business Insider.

On Thursday, March 12, Pai spoke with providers and asked them to grant the following for the next 60 days:

  1. Not terminate services, due to their inability to pay their bills, due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic
  2. “Waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers receive because of the pandemic
  3. Open it’s WiFi hotspots to any American who is in need.

We can always depend on Black Twitter! Be safe, Roommates!


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