Black Twitter Slams White Guy For Getting Grills For His Dog

Black Twitter Slams White Guy For Getting Gold Dental Grills For His Dog’s Mouth In Viral Video

A white guy is being accused of racism after getting gold dental grills for his dog’s mouth in a now-viral video, as Black Twitter took the man to task over the bizarre clip.

In the video, the dog’s owner can be heard saying “that’s my ninja” – a veiled reference to the n-word – before placing the grills in its mouth.

“Literally Racist” Social Media Says Of Viral Dog Grill Video

One Twitter user outright said the video, which has garnered over eight million views on Twitter, was “literally racist” and that “ya’ll cackling and giggling.”

“This is literally racist and y’all cackling and giggling. this nonblack person named their dog ninja, said “that’s my ninja” and put grills in its mouth. set my people free, lord.”

Another person commented that she could “tell by the accent” that the owner of of the dog was a “non-Black Torontonian,” and said she jokingly “blamed Drake.”

“I can tell by that accent that this is the dog of a non-Black Torontonian I blame Drake,” one person commented. “Collective Black confusion,” another wrote.

One commenter called the dog owner out on his “suspicious” use of the word ninja, writing “TT uses Ninja in place of nigga bc the video will get banned. So bc of that it’s very suspicious to say ‘my ninja.'”

Use Of Jamaican Patois Had Black Twitter “Studying (The Dog Owner’s) Hand Color”

Some users noted the dog owner’s use of the Jamaican patois in the video, which “had me really studying the hand color.”

“That and “wha gwan” had me really studying the hand color.” One person replied “I was just as confused when he said wagwon 🤨🤨 like tf ??”

“I was waiting for him to show his face cause there’s no way you nonblack naming your dog ‘n****’”

Dog Owner Also Slammed For “Cruel” Dental Grill, Cropped Ears

Others noted how “cruel” it was to put a dental grill in the dog’s mouth, saying it’s “not natural” while adding “the dog has cropped ears,” too.

“I actually feel bad for this dog… that’s not natural and the owner puts it on as if that’s comfortable (it’s more than likely not)

also, the dog has cropped ears, which is just cruel”

Other’s took the video more lightheartedly, with one person joking “when your dog has a better dental plan than you” in reference to the clip.

Others Defend Viral Video, Claim “Ninja” Might Be The Dog’s Name

Some commenters attempted to explain away some of the more suspect aspects of the video, with a few claiming the dog’s name might be “Ninja.”

“This shit is ridiculous. dissecting little tings out of a funny video is wild,” one person wrote. “🤣🤣🤣 Ppl discombobulated over a dog’s name.”

What do you say, Roomies? Is the video racist or nah?


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