Blogger ATLien Blasts Funky Dineva For $8500 Worth Of Damage To Rental Property 

Blogger ATLien Blasts Funky Dineva For $8500 Worth Of Damage To Rental Property 

This is so messy…literally!
So, Atlanta blogger ATLien is @iamatlien, AKA: Michelle Brown, took to YouTube in order to document a horrendous walk through after evicting fellow blogger, @funkydinevaross. Brown alleges that she had been renting the property to her “friend” and had even waived the security deposit in good faith only for him to default on his rent for 3 months! On top of that, her property is almost destroyed as it’s dog feces-laden with bleach spots on the carpets.
In all, the drama just solidified the fact that these two may need to cut ties with each other. During her walk-through post-Dineva’s eviction, Brown broke out into tears as she explained how her “friend” has switched up on her after all she’s done for him. If you watch the video, she explains that her issue with Dineva is simply a lack of accountability. “This is my house. I purchased this townhouse. I let a friend rent this townhouse and yes, it’s f*cked up. I’ve got to spend thousands of dollars to get this sh*t re-done (new carpet and wood floors).”

To make matters worse, Dineva is refuting that he’s done anything wrong. According to Brown, he emailed her saying that he’s being harassed, when she’s just asking for the money she’s owed… He also doesn’t think he has to come out of them pockets for the damages he’s accrued. Not to mention, there are some missing appliances that need to be replaced.
Michelle also claims that this is just a small piece of the story. Should we stay tuned? Y’all watch the video and let’s chat, Roommates!
PS: Michelle, girl! Keep your head up. People will try you, but GOD IS GOOD ANYWAY! Never let them see you cry again<3

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