Many people question how Blueface has risen to fame so quickly, and he has finally revealed how his fanbase has grown. Blueface’s hit song “Thotiana” may have sounded like a hit to some, but most people were confused about his lack of lyricism, and inability to rap on beat.

Initially, Blueface took to his Instagram story with a very bold statement about how new artists should use their finances. He says the deal you sign is all that matters!

“If you sign a deal and you can’t afford 50 for a chain, and 50 to get yo granny off dialysis and another 100 to put down on yo momma, you shouldn’t have signed that on cryp,” he says.

People quickly started to come for Blueface, calling his advice disrespectful, and straight out ignorant. Blueface, however, doubles down on his comments, saying the rap game isn’t about making good music, but creating an image that people love.

“Invest in yourself, a chain is more than a chain in this rap sh*t. It’s all about the image, it’s not about how food you rap or how food you freestyle,” he says. “It’s 2020, it’s a popularity contest. You get aud based off how cool you look and how much you appeal to your fan base.”

His comments come right after Meek Mill’s new artist explained why he doesn’t plan on copping any ice yet. Nevertheless, Blueface maintains that jewelry is one of the main ways to keep yourself relevant in the rap game.

“Its a new rapper every 5 minutes, you gotta stick if you want longevity in this sh*t. why do you think people notice you if you have a chain?” he continues.

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