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Blueface’s Former Artist, Chrisean Rock, Gets Into It With Wack 100 On Instagram Live As He Threatens To Put Her Out Of Blueface’s House

Whew, chile! Monday is starting very interesting as the drama begins to unfold online. Usually, it’s all love between Blueface and his former artist and “Blue Girls Club” castmate, Chrisean Rock, but now it looks like things have turned sour. Earlier today, Chrisean went live inside a bathroom in Blue’s home, alleging that he locked her inside.


While she was on live, her friend said the “Thotiana” rapper was selling her dreams, and the issues between them happen all the time but she doesn’t air him out. Her friend might have influenced her a tad bit because shortly after Chrisean got off the live with him, she continued to document the drama for the world to see, as the LAPD arrived at the home where they confronted her and Blue’s manager Wack 100.


During the confrontation, Wack confirmed that Chrisean was no longer living in the home and had not been there for 30 days. He told authorities that she does not work for Blue, and he dropped her from his label two weeks ago. The manager made it clear that he had the right not to do business with her and alleged she damaged the home. While sitting between the officer and Wack, Chrisean continued to plead her case, saying that she does live in the house, although she couldn’t provide any rental agreement, key, or code to the front door.


Once the police left, she went live again, showing Blue finally appeared at the home. The rapper was calm and tried to advise Chrisean to leave. He asked her if she had a place to go and even offered to order her a Lyft. The situation reached a head when Wack raised his voice and threatened to physically harm Chrisean by getting her out of the home one way or another. Being held back, he said, “I’ll take the hit, “I’ll take the hit, on the dead homies. She gone get up outta here, dog.” Chile, it’s unclear if Chrisean left, but we’ll keep yall posted as more information becomes available.


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