It’s no secret that Bobby Brown’s sister Tina Brown snapped a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom and sold it to the “National Enquirer” back in 2006. Well, as most of you know that photo ended up on Pusha-T’s album and Tina wants everyone to know she had nothing to do with it and no longer owns the rights to the photo. She also regrets taking the disturbing photo to begin with.

The Blast spoke with Tina and she said “Kanye West did not purchase the picture from me or my son [Shayne Brown].”

She also opened up about why the photo was taken in the first place.

“During the time the picture was taken, in 2006, my sister Whitney and I were at a very low and self-destructive point in our lives, it was not only her mess, it was mine as well.” She continued, “Together, she and I decided to take the pictures in the bathroom and share with the world, the pain we were going through … it was a united cry for help.”

She’s adamant that the photo was “not at all a betrayal of one another,” which is a little hard to believe since she profited off of it. She’s decided to speak out because she wants to set the record straight that she didn’t make a dime off of the photo on Pusha-T’s “Daytona” album, which reportedly was licensed for a cool $85,000.

Many thought that Whitney was done with Tina after she sold the photo but Tina claims they remained close.

“Throughout that chaotic time and until her death, Whitney and I remained the best of friends and sisters.”