#Roommates, last week, we got an update from #BobbyShmurda’s mother about how he’s been holding up in prison. If you missed it, she uploaded a picture of him to the ‘gram with a caption that read, “My baby said “BIG SHMURDA ON THE SET SHOW SOME RESPECT”…..He is maintaining great spirits and will be home before you know it!!!!!” Now, Bobby revealed in a phone interview with This Is 50 that he will be home in 2020.

“Two years left, baby! 2020…this year’s almost over! I’m about to come f*** everything up!” He goes on to let us know that the rest of his crew also have a 2020 release date except a few.

“By 2020 everybody should be home except for like three bro’s but we working on their appeals right now,” he said. “We tryna get these n****s home as quick as we can — ’cause a lot of dirty sh*t was goin’ on with these cops.


Are y’all anticipating his release, Roommates?!


TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!

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