Roommates, New York City has not been the same since Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to 7 years in prison. It has been almost 5 years since, Bobby is almost set to be released, and the questions about plans after his homecoming are steadily coming in.
In an interview with siriusxm’s Swaggy Sie, Bobby talked about his close relationship with #MeekMill and their similar experiences with the judicial system. Swaggy Sie asked Bobby about a possible joint effort between himself and Meek, and Bobby was not here for it.
“Like I tell people all the time, I respect what he’s doing. I can’t do it though,” he said. “I love what Martin Luther King did. I respect him because I couldn’t do it. M****kers hitting him with rocks, doing all types of sh*t, and he stayed positive…I respect everything that they do.”
While Bobby is against the idea of joining Meek, he did not hesitate to express the respect he has for what Meek is doing for the community. However, he believes that today’s unfair justice system will continue.
When Swaggy Sie suggested Bobby’s current mindset may reflect what Meek may have been going through before he decided to take action, he expressed that his mind is only set on taking action.
“I understand what you saying, but it’s not even about me going through sh*t,” he said. “It’s about what they been doing for years. Sh*t ain’t gonna change because m****kers start talking about it, we gotta take action.”
Bobby hopes that when he is released in late 2020, he will be able to have an impact on the young people, and encourage them to stay out of the way of the law.
“This sh*t is crazy. The most I can tell them is stay up outta jail, and get some money in they pocket that’s about it.”