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Boosie Calls Out “Mark Zuckerberger” After His Instagram Account Is Deactivated

Well, I guess its bye-bye to Boosie for now, Roomies! Last night, Boosie made a video asking Mark “Zuckerberger” to give him his Instagram page back after it was deactivated, and he definitely wasn’t happy about it.

“They just took my Instagram,” he said. “Mark Zuckenberger I need to talk to you. Bosses need to talk to bosses. I don’t know what I did but I need my Instagram back. I don’t even know what I did!”

While Boosie says he isn’t sure why his page was taken down, its safe to say we can draw some conclusions about why IG is fed up! Boosie is known for his outrageous and scandalous IG live sessions, so some people on the innanet are wondering why he’s so confused.

“This is how I feed my family,” he says. “Mark, do not do this to 2020. Do not take Boosie off Instagram. We need to talk Mark. You need to take me to orientation or something, but you can’t take me out of school. This is how I feed my family, we ain’t making no show money, none of the rappers.”

Do y’all think Boosie should get his page back, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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