Boosie Comes To Mo'Nique's Defense Over Pay Disparity

Boosie Comes To Mo’Nique’s Defense Over Pay Disparity Among Black Women: “She Been Told Y’all”

Amid the ongoing discussion about Black women being underpaid in Hollywood, Boosie has voiced his opinion and urges for a much-needed change.

The rapper’s stance on the matter comes just weeks after Taraji P. Henson spoke out about the pay disparity among women of color in the movie business.

Boosie Tackles The Topic Of Pay Disparity In Hollywood

On Thursday (January 4), Boosie shared a post to his social media, fully supporting the actress’ remarks, and said that more Black people need to speak out to make a difference.

“When you’re doing it by yourself, you stick out like a sore thumb, and you get treated with humility,” he said.

What’s more, it prompted him to mention Mo’Nique, who sued Netflix back in 2019 for allegedly showing racial bias by only offering her $500k for a comedy special.

She cited Amy Schumer and Ellen Degeneres as some of her industry peers who have made millions for their standup specials on the platform. But Netflix stood firm on their offer, which sparked a legal suit that they eventually settled out of court by June 2022, according to the LA Times.

“She been telling y’all Black women are being underpaid,” Boosie continued.

Many were quick to dismiss Mo’Nique’s accusations against Netflix, despite her efforts to show the unfair treatment of Black women in Hollywood.

According to the ‘Wipe Me Down’ artist, people only started paying attention when Henson tearfully revealed her desire to quit Hollywood due to the ongoing issue of Black women making less than their white co-stars.

Taraji’s Comments Led To A Wide Conversation

Henson, whose film career spans over two decades and countless accolades, stated she was still fighting for equal pay in every meeting when she negotiated a contract with a studio.

But even then, she still gets the short end of the stick, as executives have rarely ever met her asking price.

“It’s starting to be a reality, but Mo’Nique been told y’all,” he added, telling fans that power comes in numbers.

The implication suggests that if more people addressed the long-standing problem in Hollywood, Black women would have more support as they continue to vigorously fight to receive what they deserve.

Additionally, Boosie intertwines his point with his ongoing frustration over a supposed agenda he presumes imposing on children. Things can only change if others are willing to work collectively.

In his final message, Boosie indicated that he is one of the few trying to instigate change. The rapper had previously shared his concerns about the type of content being forced onto children and he refused to sit back and keep quiet about it.

“This agenda is being pushed on our kids, and I don’t agree with it. It will start being reality,” he concluded.

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