Boosie and his live videos have served as entertainment for many during this time of quarantine, but today he hopped on live to get on his soapbox and further explain his past comments on Zaya Wade and children in the trans community.

Just to give y’all a refresher, Boosie sent social media into a frenzy last month when he made some controversial comments about Dwyane Wade’s support for his child’s decision to transition into a female.

While Boosie is often praised for keeping it real, he was criticized for speaking on a child and for being uneducated and insensitive about the LGBTQ and Trans communities.

Well, while on IG Live Monday, someone decided to ask about that situation, prompting Boosie to go off on another rant, further explaining his comments before.

Boosie claimed he had love for the gay community and meant harm to no one with his words and said his sentiments were more about children being allowed to make major decisions. You can watch what Boosie had to say below:

“I ain’t got nothing against no gay people,” Boosie said. “Got gay people who work for me. I got gay people in my family…I ain’t got nothing against gay nobody…I don’t hate people.”

Boosie further explained that young people don’t know what they really want and letting them make major decisions takes the power away from their parents.

“We giving the children the f***** power, mayne,” he said. “We already can’t whoop ’em. You go to jail, you hear me? Everything they come with and say they can do, we gon’ let ’em do it?…In 10 years, the f*****g children gon’ be the parents. Watch what I say. You gon’ have to ask them what to do.”

What do you all think about Boosie’s explanation? Let us know!