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Boosie Lets A Group Of Shoppers Know That Gucci Doesn’t Like Black People

Now you all know Boosie has no filter and definitely keeps it real at all times. So this time was no different as he was out during a shopping trip. While on Instagram Live, Boosie was walking past the Gucci store where you could see a line of people waiting outside the store.

While walking past, Boosie said to the shoppers, “Gucci don’t like black people, I don’t know why ya’ll in that line. Ya’ll stupid as a mutherf*cka. Gucci don’t like people, ya’ll still in the line.”

He continued to walk off as he let his followers know that the people that were standing on the line were stupid for being there.

As many of you know, Gucci has come under fire with the black community in the past. Last year they faced backlash as they debuted a turtleneck sweater that resembled blackface. The incident caused many people to call for the cancellation of the high-end brand.

In response, Gucci launched the “Gucci Changemakers Fund,” which was an initiative to create more cultural awareness.

The fund donated $5 million toward non-profit programs across the country that uplift communities of color. Programs were chosen by the Changemakers Council, which was made up of big names like, Dapper Dan, Michaela Davis, and more. Gucci also took an extra step and also started a scholarship program that awarded students $20,000, with the purpose of helping students become more diverse as they pursue fashion education.

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