Boosie Says His Momma Told Him To "Stay Out Of People's Business" Following His Comments About Zaya Wade

Boosie Says His Momma Told Him To “Stay Out Of People’s Business” Following His Comments About Zaya Wade

Roommates, Boosie is known for sharing his opinions with his fans no matter how outrageous they may be! And while his thoughts about Dwyane Wade and his daughter Zaya had mixed reviews, he stands by the fact that everybody has a right to their own opinion.

Boosie’s momma, however, had to give him a lil’ piece of her mind after she saw the video that he posted on the ‘gram. Boosie sat down with Baller Alert to talk about his experience after posting the video, and says even his momma got on him for speaking so frankly about somebody else child.

“That’s just how I felt,” he says. “People have to understand thats how I feel and even my momma called me early in the morning to get in my a** talking about ‘that’s their family and you need to stay out of people’s business!'”

His opinion hasn’t changed, though, and Boosie says anything that has to do with kids hits close to home for him, especially being a father himself. He says he’s the one who talks about things when other people are afraid to.

“I’m used to it. Once you’re a celebrity, you have to deal with what comes with being a celebrity,” he says.

He also says he doesn’t think its right for people to dictate how others parent their children, but sometimes, people need to know when they’re wrong.

“When I feel you’re wrong, you’re wrong. My people’s have told me how to parent my children when I was wrong,” he says. “I’ve been told by my family that I’m wrong. And I try to justify it, but I know I’m wrong.”

Just a few days after, Boosie claims he was restricted from entering a Planet Fitness location because of his comments, and he says he feels people are “ganging up on him now.”

“I should’ve just shut my a** up.”



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