Roommates, by now we are all likely suffering from an extreme case of cabin fever and that also includes celebrities. Bow Wow recently took to Instagram to proclaim just how fed up he is with being inside due to the coronavirus outbreak—and he’s definitely had enough.

Since we are all forced to continue being inside, it means that eventually the cabin fever begins to set in and you start to get in your feelings about not having the regular dose of human interaction you’re used to.

Bow Wow is apparently feeling this way so much, that he decided to share it with his Instagram followers. He posted a video where he explained that not only is he completely over the coronavirus lockdown, but he’s also “lonely” and “alone.”

However, that’s not all. He noted that since everyone is afraid to come outside, he can’t find any women to come over and chill with him to make the time indoors more enjoyable. Things have gotten so bad for Bow, that he said he’s “losing his mind.”

Financially he’s also taken a major hit, as the second half of the highly-anticipated Millennium Tour with himself and Omarion was postponed indefinitely due to the virus outbreak. Bow Wow said this has caused him to miss out on money, so he hopes it’s over soon.

Meanwhile, on the TV front, he recently quit the WE TV reality series “Growing Up Hip Hop” because he wants to move on to “bigger and better things.”


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?