#BowWow dropped a new song, ‘Drunk off Ciroc’, where he says he’s speaking from the heart, and nope, this isn’t a #BowWowChallenge!

In the song, he raps about being signed to #CashMoney and leaving to go back ‘home’, his friend losing his life to lean, and his current lifestyle.

He also talks about his fallout with #ChrisBrown stating, “I skipped the show just so I could see you Chris, day ones, me and you been through a lot of sh*t,” adding that it kills him when they see each other in public and don’t speak.

Don’t front like y’all weren’t boppin’ to #Chris and #Bow’s #ShortyLikeMine back in the day! Would you be here for them to put their differences aside and hop on some more tracks together?

Check out the song below!

TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

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