Brandy Responds To Ray J's 'One Wish' Performance (Video)

Brandy Responds To Ray J’s ‘One Wish’ Performance (Video)

“Hey, wait a minute, ain’t that Brandy’s brother?!” Thursday night’s hit-for-hit battle with Bobby V, Pleasure P, Sammie, and Ray J was on for the books. Ray J quickly became the butt of the joke on social media for his lack of vocals. The singer performed his biggest hit, “One Wish,” but the live performance sounded quite different from the 2005 record. Today, the father of two decided to laugh at people reenacting his performance instead of being mad.

He shared a video of comedian Mr. Commodore reenacting the performance where Ray held his son Epik while Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie tried to steal his shine. Ray captioned the post, “Ok, it’s like that ?—Yall wrong lol @mrcommodore. It’s gonna be this kind of a day, I see! Lol — I’m dead!”



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However, it was the vocal Bible’s response to the reenaction that had folks shook. Brandy got on her brother for not following directions! “Since we are deleting comments, I will comment again! Bro, Pops told me you didn’t drink any of the tea I made for you. He also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink water and the special tea I made for you at 4 in the freaking morning.”

She continued, “Caught!!! If I had one wish, you would listen to your big sis sometimes and especially for @verzuztv, but I’m hot as  Lord have mercy !!! Smh- when I get off of vocal rest, we are gonna have a serious conversation. And I’m gonna screenshot this comment in case you try and delete it again- and I will post again. Lol.”

If you missed out on the shenanigans at last night’s event, check it out!


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