Rihanna is literally out here living her best life! Sis is a music guru, a make-up guru, a clothing guru, and now a luxury brand clothing guru—a whole mogul! In addition to that, she’s being all those things while living in the U.K.!

Sis is working on all her businesses out there, and it doesn’t hurt that her billionaire boo Hassan lives in London as well. Rih has apparently been living in London for at least two years, but she made the official move earlier this year.  Being in London keeps her closer to her Fenty team which is designed in Paris, and manufactured in Italy.

In her latest interview with The New York Times’ T Magazine, Rih revealed some of the things she appreciates about living in London. Some of her fans weren’t aware that sis even moved in the first place!

Rih gushes about “a cute little Jamaican market near where I live right now,” so y’all already know that she’s all over that. Another thing she enjoys about living across the pond includes walking around the block—incognito of course.

Peep how some of her fans reacted below!