Brittish Williams Remanded To Custody In Wire Fraud Case

UPDATE: Brittish Williams Remanded To Custody To Begin Four-Year Prison Sentence

A judge has ruled to remand Brittish Williams to custody following her failed attempt at extending her surrender date.

The Shade Room previously reported that the courts sentenced the Basketball Wives star to four years in prison in October 20223 after she pleaded guilty to numerous bank and wire fraud counts. Additionally, the court also ordered her to pay $564,000 in restitution.

British Williams Previously Failed To Surrender On The Date Given By The Judge

The judge expected Williams to turn herself in on December 11. But in a last-minute move, she asked for an extension so that she could spend the Christmas holidays with her five-year-old daughter, Dash Dior.

The judge seemed to have found some compassion in her request and agreed to postpone her surrender date to January 3.

But a day before her expected surrender, Williams filed a motion to reduce her sentence, alleging that the judge failed to consider certain factors during her trial.

Williams even claimed the judge had been harsher with her because she’s a celebrity.

However, since she was already a no-show on Jan 3, law enforcement officials arrested her on January 12 and kept her in custody until her hearing, which occurred earlier this week, per Radar Online.

An Arrest & Hearing: The Final Nail in the Coffin

Williams’ refusal to surrender on the date given by the judge, who had already granted her an additional few weeks, did not work in her favor.

While the TV personality reportedly apologized to the court, expressing her regret for not surrendering on time, her sorrow did little to change the outcome.

The judge revoked her bond during the hearing and ordered Williams to begin her sentence immediately.

She was also told that they wouldn’t reduce the four-year sentence due to the severity of the charges she was found guilty of.

Additionally, prosecutors stated on record that they would oppose any potential reduction for Williams, even if she did qualify. All because she initially failed to report to prison as directed after the judge had already been lenient in December.

“Even if Williams did qualify for a potential reduction, the Government would oppose relief because she failed to report to the Bureau of Prisons as directed and she already received a more than generous disposition by way of the dismissal of counts carrying six years of consecutive mandatory minimums at the time of the original sentencing,” prosecutors were quoted saying, per Radar.

The judge expects to transfer the 34-year-old to West Virginia, where she will serve her four-year sentence.

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