Some pranks are just considered TEW MUCH! But even the evilest of pranks wasn’t enough to keep Lauren Williams down! This is how you take hold of your #BlackGirlMagic!

Lauren is a student at Franklin High School in Tennessee. A video recently surfaced of a fellow student running up on her and yanking her wig off. After the incident, Lauren ran to the bathroom for retreat, but while she was in one of the stalls, another student followed her and continued to record her while she was in distress.


That’s sure ‘catch these hands’ behavior. But what makes the plot so twisted is that the boy snatched her wig as a part of a $5 bet. Keep in mind that Lauren has scalp conditions that cause severe dryness and lead to hair breakage and loss. She shares that her wigs are not only her self-expression but a form of security. When the student snatched her wig, chunks of her hair were ripped from her scalp. She was later taken to the hospital to be treated for abrasions and whiplash.


“My hair is, like, my one place where I can feel safe, and I loved having wigs to express myself,” Lauren told WSMV-TV. “When they tore that off me, I felt basically naked, and I felt so insecure myself and just terrible.”

Her insecurities ended there, though. Lauren found light in a dark tunnel and took back her power! She shaved her head.

“My hair was one of my biggest insecurities, so I felt like he had taken my power and I wanted it back,” she said. “When I walk around with a bald head, he’ll know that he didn’t do anything but give me more power to speak out to other people.”


The students involved have since been suspended, but Lauren’s mother is seeking a higher degree of punishment. According to a statement, Williamson County Schools “intend[s] to prosecute those responsible “to the fullest extent of the law.”

As for Lauren, keep your head up, Queen!



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