Business Owner Apologizes After Negative Video About Ari Fletcher's Son

Business Owner Who Spoke Negatively Of Promo Post Featuring Ari Fletcher’s Son Apologizes

The owner of luxury clothing brand Nine Lamarca is feeling regretful about a now-deleted video aimed at Ari Fletcher. Bre Twiggs recently took to TikTok in an attempt to blast the influencer over a promo post. The business owner claimed she paid Ari “thousands” for a “rich kid” style post featuring Ari’s young son Yosohn Santana. Instead, Bre said Ari sent her a “hot a** mess” picture.

Hours after several blogs shared the clip, Ari responded to Bre, saying a lawyer would be in contact over the hurtful statements. Not long after, Bre walked back her words in a lengthy apology post.

“I want to first apologize to Ari and Yosohn, as my statement that was made, I was not thinking as an owner but more as a consumer who would see these images,” Bre wrote. “Secondly, I would like to apologize to my supporters. Knowing where I have started, and to be in this light is not only a disappointment to you all but also too myself and Ninelamarca.”

Business Owner Insinuates Ari Doesn’t Take Care Of Her Son: “Ring Around His Mouth Cause You Don’t Keep It Moisturized”

It’s unclear when Bre published the video attempting to call Ari out. However, she reposted the photos of Yosohn to her Facebook page on July 3 with the caption, “Yosohn wearing our Diamond N’ The Ruff set.” 

Still, in the clip, she went in on Yosohn’s appearance in the paid promo post. She highlighted his physical appearance, including his hair and skin. Bre also spoke on items in the picture’s background, including a Spider-man toy.

“You sat here and charged me–I paid thousands for this collab with the inventory and everything included–and this is what you gave me,” Bre said in the video. “Hair was not done. It looks like you just said ok let’s just go wet his hair. Ring around his mouth cause you don’t keep it moisturized. You didn’t moisturize it. You didn’t put no lotion on it.” Bre added, “That picture is a hot a** mess and you do not see Ari posted up looking that way but this is how you posted your son with a paid collab.”

After the video made its rounds, Bre took to her business Instagram account to clear up her critiques. First, she said she “wasn’t talking about [nobody’s] child” but instead “talked about the content I received for the $$ I put in.” Bre then mentioned being a mother and stated she waited two months to “receive the services” she paid for.

“I felt I was treated less than & non-important. Please do not take my words out of [context] & make it more than what it was. I apologize if this message got misconstrued,d but I put a lot into my brand & I take my brand seriously and I would for others to do the same,” Bre wrote on Instagram story.

Ari Says She’ll Be Contacting Her Lawyer Over Bre’s Comments

Folks online anticipated Ari’s response after Bre’s commentary gained traction online. Though Ari’s known to pick at people’s financial status online, she took a different route in addressing Bre. In a series of videos, Ari said she felt “hurt” about Bre’s comments, and a lawyer is now involved.

“It really, really hurt my feelings. We’re very upset about it. We’re very hurt,” Ari said calmly. “Like I don’t understand how you can talk about a child like that, especially publicly online and comparing children and saying all of this bad stuff.”

In the deleted video, Bre used a photo of Lil Baby’s eldest son to compare the final product she received from Ari’s team– which is the comparison Ari referenced in her response. However, Ari also said Bre did not spend thousands of dollars and that the promotion was a one-time deal, not a collaboration.

“It was really, really disgusting the stuff that you said. And we are very, very hurt about those comments. They really bothered us,” Ari said. “My lawyer is already working and he will be in contact with you very, very soon.”


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Bre Twiggs Says She Was Speaking On Emotions & Hopes To Move “In A Professional Manner” Going Forward

The business owner offered more context about her deleted video in her apology. She acknowledged that her apology “does not rectify [her] statements,” but she’s willing to accept the consequences. Bre said there’s no excuse, but she pointed out what stuck out “in the eyes of a buyer, not an owner.”

“For future business, I will clearly state my expectations so that I will not feel any need to act or speak out of emotion,” Bre said. “As a mother, I can definitely see how stating some of the things I did would upset Ari and I am deeply sorry.”

Bre said she’s praying her speaking out doesn’t keep a “negative light” on her. She also pledged to move in the “most professional manner from here on out.”

But a few hours later, she released direct messages sent to Ari’s mother, Erin Fletcher, on July 4 about the outfit. Keep in mind that Bre allegedly promoted the photos of Yosohn on her Facebook profile on July 3. She even defended him in the comments when someone said he threw the Spider-man toy, writing “leave my nephew alone” with laughing emojis.

Bre Twiggs, the owner of Nine Lamarca, published her direct messages to Ari Fletcher’s mother on July 3 about the promo post featuring Yosohn Santana. (Source: @ninelamarca Instagram)

Check out Bre’s complete apology statement below: 


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