#BYEEE! Boy From Viral Video Tells Us What Led Up To The Altercation With #AmusementParkAmanda!

#BYEEE! Boy From Viral Video Tells Us What Led Up To The Altercation With #AmusementParkAmanda!

Roommates, yesterday we showed you guys a video of a young man being harassed by a woman at Six Flags. She screamed things bat him like, “you’re what’s wrong with the world,” as she followed him as he tried to walk away. Many of you guys applauded him for not letting the situation altercate to physical activity! (Great job, Honey)!


Well, Mr. Honey Daniels has stepped into The Shade Room to give us the scoop on what led up to that video! “I felt SO alone, and that’s what stopped me from hitting her,” he said about the altercation that began as he was trying to leave a roller coaster ride.


“I was in the line because the line was so long so I unfasted the chain to get out it and she yelled at me like, “what are you doing? Put that back! That’s what’s wrong with the world now! Your kind is always messing something up.” He told us that she told him she was going to follow him until he put the rope back. He said he knew that she was going to overexaggerate so that’s when he asked his little cousin to begin recording.


When the camera shut back off, Honey tells us that the woman proceeded to follow him.

“After I said “F” her kid I had walked off and she continued to walk behind me. I ran into my siblings and told them what happened and showed them the video.” He claims that when the lady was about five feet behind them when she continued to chastise the entire group.


He said they were at a Six Flags Great America (Chicago vicinity) back in August. He said he decided to post the video yesterday (Oct. 24) because he was battling with whether he was wrong or not. He posted to Facebook to ask his online community for their opinions – most being positive.


“People are saying good things like I wasn’t wrong. I got more props because I didn’t hit her and kept my composure,” he said. “I’m always having to defend myself because I’m VERY different so I’m quick to respond to everything.”


Honey said no further action was taken from either side after that.


Check out the full video below!


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