Last we reported that #LilScrappy and his buddy Ca$ino Roulette we’re seriously injured in a car accident after leaving a strip club. Ca$ino had to be rushed to the ICU after suffering broken ribs, a concussion, bruised lungs, liver and kidneys and had to have 2 major surgeries just to repair his ruptured large intestine. 

After everything he’s been through, Ca$ino is gearing up to take legal action against his friend. He believes that Scrappy was being negligent after allegedly falling asleep at the wheel which is the suspected cause of the incident according to police. 

Ca$ino is suing Scrappy for medical expenses and also wants to be compensated for his life-threatening injuries and wage loss. 

Scrappy won’t be facing criminal charges for the incident, but this may put strain on their friendship. 

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG 


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