Caitlin Jenner Calls Out Whoopi Goldberg For Defending Joe Biden

Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Whoopi Goldberg For Defending Joe Biden Amid High Gas Prices & Baby Formula Shortage

Whew! Looks like Whoopi Goldberg is on Caitlin Jenner’s bad side following comments she made on ‘The View’ Joe Biden’s defense amid rising gas prices and the baby formula shortage. Whoopi said, “Gas prices aren’t bad because of anything President Biden did. It’s just what he’s gonna absorb.” During the discussion, Sunny Hostin chimed in, mentioning the ongoing war in Ukraine, and Whoopi brought up the formula shortage.

“People want baby food, baby formula, that’s also is not on him. That’s on Abbott [Nutrition.] I notice when people talk about these things, nobody ever says, you know, ‘Here’s the cause of this, and here’s how we have to fight this,'” she said.

Caitlin wasn’t feeling Whoopi’s comments and tweeted,

“Come on, @WhoopiGoldberg … I’ve known you for years and think you are such a good soul. But this is crossing the line.” She added, “Biden is the most ineffective leader, as are many of his appointees, and this admin is wildly responsible for this and has not provided effective solutions.”



Despite the public criticism he’s been receiving, President Biden is taking steps to address the shortage. According to CNBC, he invoked the Defense Production Act on Wednesday, which will increase baby formula manufacturing and ease the nationwide shortage caused by the closure of a key plant in Michigan.

The Act gives the nation’s leader broad authority to require companies to prioritize the manufacture and allocation of goods in response to a crisis. The law was passed in 1950 during the Korean War. In addition, President Biden requires suppliers to direct ingredients to baby formula manufacturers before any other companies who may have placed orders for those same goods. To ensure the Act is run correctly, President Biden also directed the Health and Human Services Department and Department of Agriculture to use aircraft from the Defense Department to pick up infant formula from overseas that meets U.S. health and safety standards.

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