A pre-game confrontation between #CamNewton and former teammate #KelvinBenjamin is going viral, #Roommates, and that’s because the exchange appeared to be uncomfortable between the two.

In the video captured by a reporter at the #CharlotteObserver, Cam appears to try to squash whatever beef the two had by trying to shake Kelvin’s hand but it looked like Kelvin wasn’t having it. Cam continues to follow Kelvin but eventually walks away.

If ya’ll don’t remember, the two were teammates on the #CarolinaPanthers a few years back and Kelvin was traded last year, midseason, to the #BuffaloBills. There was rumored tension between the two and Kelvin even said in an interview that he could be put with any QB other than Cam, and he would have been “more successful,” according to CBS Sports.

Check the hashtag for the awkward exchange, #Roommates.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh