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Canadian Creates “Yelp for People” App Without Your Consent…Literally!


Two brave women created an app that will allow you to criticize whomever you like by allowing one source of information to track your personal lifestyle—your phone number.
I didn’t stutter! a woman from Calgary, Canada named, Julia Cordray came up with the app while her best friend, Nicole McCullough teamed up with her to help launch the app called, “Peeple.” The app is supposed to allow any person to rate, comment, and publicly display any information whether good or bad which allows others who want to learn about you or even may never knew about you.
“Peeple” is considered to promote a positive outlook on individuals who are being rated a.k.a watched in some form, because who ever may have your number may share some personal information that can be completely uplifting or completely invasive depending on how you look at it.
“People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions,” Julia Cordray said to The Washington Post. “Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?”
The two co-founders told The Washington Post that the person who downloads the app and decides to publicly feedback any information on your personal well-being will have to know you in some form. Whether you have the app or not, you will however, be notified that someone has used publicly created subjective views about yourself.
The “Peeple” app is supposed to launch towards the end of November, but it maybe delayed because there has already been highly intense comments about the creation of the app itself, since whomever may agree to download the app and put your personal business out there whether negative or positive, that person will have full permission to say whatever they feel about you without your approval.
Now there is one gadget through the app that may save you from embarrassment or any liable action. If you read any information that is in-deed false you have up to 48 hours (if you have an account) to dispute those wrongful actions, but if you don’t have an account there should be a display of only positive reviews (depending on what you believe is positive).
You can view more of what the the co-founder, Cordray has to say about the app, as she’s created a web-series on YouTube that take you into how she even began the process, to how her “Yelp for people” app begins to go viral.
She said in episode 10 of her web series “All that matters is what people say about us.” In her latest episode of when she begins her journey of being well-known through this public display app. She expresses her excitement from getting so many calls from media outlets, but one call toward the end of her video is surprising to her because it’s just a normal person who wanted Cordray to hear her out. The lady on the phone congratulates her, but in the end says that the app is a “terrible” idea.
Cordray towards the end of her video wants everyone to know that she is listening to all of her critics, but one day she won’t have time to. If you aren’t “spreading love, and joy, and kindness” then she doesn’t have time for any backlash unless you’re here to help her company become better.
So if you have something to say about the “Yelp for People” app that will make the image of the app more positive than a disgraceful one then speak now or forever hold your peace.
Check out the video below:
 Source Cited: Washington Post
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