Candace Owens Offers To Pay Carlee Russell's $18K Fine

Say What, Now? Candace Owens Offers To Pay Carlee Russell’s $18K Fine If She Reveals Where She Was During Time ‘Missing’

Political commentator and television personality Candace Owens is sending an offer Carlee Russell’s way. As The Shade Room previously reported, Rusell has been charged with “false reporting to law enforcement” and “falsely reporting an incident.” The charges follow Russell calling authorities on July 13 to report seeing “a toddler… on the side” of I-459 in Alabama. Soon thereafter, Russell staged her own 48-hour disappearance.

Ultimately, a judge recently determined that Russell will pay $1,662 to satisfy her criminal charges. Additionally, the 26-year-old is ordered to fulfill a restitution amount of $17,874. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether Russell will be sentenced to serve up to a year in jail.

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Candace Owen’s Message To Carlee Russell

Candace Owens published a video segment of one of her recent podcast episodes on YouTube Friday. During the segment, Owens explained that she often wonders, “Where was Carlee Russell during those 48 hours she went missing?”

After Owens recapped the incident for viewers, she firmly stated that “America deserves answers.” 

“Where was Carlee Russell for those 48 hours that she was missing?…” Owens asked. “Where was she? We still don’t know, and that’s why I think about it every single day.”

As the segment continued, Owens added that if Russell serves time in prison, she will be on the “visitor log.”

“I will be seeing her daily — I’ll probably, at least, see her once a week because I feel attached to the story. I feel attached to Carlee,” Owens explained.

Then, Owens shared a message for Russell and a generous offer.

“Carlee, I want you to know that if they put you behind bars for one year, I’m going to visit you, and I’m going to bring you things,” Owens continued. “…Because I need to talk to you, I need to understand where you were for 48 hours — I will give you anything! Please, come on this show — we are begging!”

Owens then stated that she “will pay the $18,000 fine” if Russell exclusively reveals to her where she was for her 48 hours missing.

“I mean that! Take it to the bank, Carlee Russell! 18K in your bank account — just talk to me, on this show, about where the heck you were for 48 hours,” Owens continued. “America deserves to know!”

Check out a clip of the moment below!

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section on Instagram to share their reactions to Owen’s offer for Russell. Many users shared humorous responses.

Instagram user @themeganbaca wrote.
“It be funny if she came on the show and made up another story: *takes deep breath* ‘well…it’s hard to talk about. But I was helping Looney Tunes win a basketball match against aliens to help them get their freedom.'”
Instagram user @sua_ve added.
“I’ll pull up and say I was shooting dice 😭”

While Instagram user @allexreddink wrote.

“She go take that 18k and mysteriously get kidnapped again and not show up”
One Instagram user, @thealiciahodges, even provided Russell with extra advice.
“Oh naaa Carlee if she got 18k for the fines .. make profit and charge AT LEAST 50k cause EVERYBODY wanna hear this store .. she gone make her money off the views ‼️😭”

Additionally, even Owens entered the comment section to add additional words to her initial statements.

“I’m doing this for America. We all want to know where she was at during those first 48! 😂😂”

We should note that social media users also took to The Shade Room’s comment section on X, formerly known as Twitter, to share responses there as well. Check them out below!

A Brief Recap Of Carlee Russell’s 48-Hour Hoax Disappearance

As The Shade Room previously reported, after Russell reported seeing a toddler along the interstate on July 13, she also phoned a relative to “report the same details.” However, during the phone call, the relative reportedly heard Russell scream and “lost contact” with her.

When the Hoover Police Department arrived on the scene, they reportedly found Russell’s car and “some of her belongings.” However, authorities were unable to locate her or the alleged missing child.

Then, on July 15, Russell reportedly returned on foot to her family’s home. At the time, it was reported that Russell was “immediately transported” to UAB Hospital. The woman was reportedly evaluated, treated, and released.

At the time, Russell’s then-boyfriend also denied involved in her disappearance.

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Later that month, Russell’s parents seemed to reiterate her abduction during an interview with NBC News, per The Shade Room.

However, soon after, the Hoover Police Department seemed to shatter the public’s belief in Russell’s alleged abduction after releasing her 911 call and Google search history.

The length of Russell’s call showed that she would have been following the toddler for about “the length of six football fields.”

Additionally, Russell’s search history revealed she looked up the 2008 movie “Taken” and searched “how to take money from a register without being caught.”

REVEALED: BREAKING: Hoover PD Releases Carlee Russell’s 911 Call, Google Search History Prior To Disappearance

According to investigators, Russell alleged that she had been taken into the woods by a man with orange hair and placed in an 18-wheeler. During her alleged time there, Russell explained that a woman was also present. However, she never saw the woman and only heard her voice.

Hoover PD ultimately went on to include that Russell’s account could not be verified, per The Shade Room. Then, later in July, Russell was hit with her criminal charges.

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