Carl Crawford Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion Over Feud

Carl Crawford Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion Over Lengthy Feud, Says He Was ‘Caught Up In The Internet Stuff’

Carl Crawford, the CEO of 1501 Certified Entertainment, has officially apologized to Megan Thee Stallion over the years-long feud between the pair.

Crawford Says The Situation Between Him & Megan Is ‘Unfortunate’

Crawford—accompanied by Kai “Verse” Tyler, the brand-new president of 1501—issued his apology during a recent interview with TMZ.

He started off by noting that he and the “Pressurelicious” rapper haven’t spoken since 2019, which is when the drama initially broke out over Megan forming a connection with Roc Nation.

Crawford then acknowledged that their only communication has been through their online spats—which he called “unfortunate,” as he “never wanted to have a situation” play out on the internet.

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He went on to comment that 1501 is in the process on undergoing a “rebrand,” as the label’s reputation was negatively impacted by the situation.

CEO Says The Beef Was ‘Just Social Media Stuff’

Carl was also sure to point out that he and Megan “never had any problems,” as it was “just social media stuff.”

“I never had any problems with Megan Thee Stallion. It’s just social media stuff…You take the social media part out of it, we don’t have a problem.”

Regarding this social media beef, Crawford addressed the infamous video of him rubbing shoulders with Tory Lanez, which he uploaded to Instagram back in April 2022.

Specifically, after being asked if he “regrets standing with Tory Lanez to the end,” Carl made it clear that the situation’s none of his business.

He also remarked, “We all make mistakes.”

“You get caught up in the internet stuff…We all make mistakes.”

Carl Crawford Is ‘Done’ Speaking On Megan

Eventually, Crawford went on to proclaim that he’s now officially done speaking on Megan Thee Stallion.

“I’m done with that. You won’t hear me mention Megan Thee Stallion’s name in the media…You won’t see my making a post or doing any of that stuff that will cause social media to go crazy.”

Verse then jumps in and adds that the 1501 team does not “have disdain for anybody.”

“We don’t have disdain for anybody, Meg, Roc Nation. At the end of the day, they are a business conglomerate, they are business people. You know we don’t have any discrepancies toward any of them.”

He also noted, “I think it became more of an emotional thing from the beginning.”

While Megan hasn’t publicly acknowledged Carl’s apology, people on Twitter have been sounding off about the matter. Check out some reactions down below.

What are your thoughts on the overall situation between Carl Crawford and Megan Thee Stallion?


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