Carmex Lip Balm Company Pulls Ads From VH1 Over Mona Scott's New Show Sorrority Sisters!

Carmex Lip Balm Company Pulls Ads From VH1 Over Mona Scott’s New Show Sorrority Sisters!


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Mona Scott-Young is the creator of  Vh1’s new program Sorrority Sisters. This show follows the lives of women involved in Black Greek Organizations such as AKAs, Deltas, Sigma Gamma Rhos, and Zetas as they strive to pursue their passions and discover themselves.

You know Mona wouldn’t leave it at that! I don’t have to tell you what you already know: It was ratchet and definitely didn’t do the Black Greek organizations any service. In the premiere episode that aired last night (Dec. 15th) there was a lot of unnecessary cat fights and bickering. If BGO’s are all about “sisterhood”, it sure wasn’t represented in the show. The ladies judged each other and kicked each other down for the most part.


Sure, the people want to see a little ratchet in every show. I mean, a show with no conflict or drama is pretty boring. After all, life is full of conflict and drama so we want to watch a reflection of reality in a reality show. However, this program was so fake and scripted that it wasn’t even entertaining.

Well, Carmex has announced that they are joining the other Vh1 advertisers in boycotting this new show. Carmex issued a statement that they do not endorse the program and will be pulling their advertising dollars to please their customers. That means that the show will be getting cancelled anytime soon.

Read the statement from Carmex below:

Carmex does not endorse or represent any particular content on television. After our investigation into the new program, however, we are in process of pulling our advertising dollars from VH-1. It’s the customers like you who help us to always move forward with the greatest of integrity in product and service.”

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What do you all think about this?


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