Roommates, gather around because Chris Brown was feeling A WAY today and let all of Instagram know what’s good! If you haven’t been able to catch up on the tea, there’s no need to worry cause we GOT YOU!

Chris Brown has been having a pretty interesting week. He recently delivered a smash with his former arch nemesis Drake, and now he’s giving his ex boo’s new man some style advice.

Though he starts his comments off with “no shade” there was plenty of shade in his delivery (Love a nice, nasty clawback) but anyway, today on Instagram, Breezy was bold enough to go under Victor Cruz’ page and comment under a photo of him and his former boo.

Under the picture he only speaks to Karruehce and simply suggests that she should upgrade her man with a whole new style. Cause apparently he looks like a store mannequin! (And I oop!)


Now y’all know Chris is NOT one to hold his tongue. In addition to letting Karrueche know she needs to upgrade her mans, he was also kind enough to offer his services. In another comments Chris offered to take Victor out shopping and help him add some drip to his wardrobe.

Clearly, the whole thing was shade, shade and then more shade. Us being, us… we had to give you guys a little slider of some of Victor’s best looks. Swipe through and let us know if you think Chris has a point, or if he was just being shady.




On a side note, should Karrueche address her ex or should she just take the high road and let sleeping dogs lie? I’m not going to lie, I’d like to see Victor have his own response but he seems like this might just be a blip on the radar for the former NY Giant. We’ll keep you up on what happens next roommates!