Roommates, if you’ve been keeping up with the tea, then you know that we exclusively reported that Cassie is now expecting a child with her new boo Alex Fine. We also broke the news when Cassie and Diddy split up last year.

Since the split, Cassie has moved on and is now expecting a baby girl! Naturally the internet went crazy when it was revealed. Though we broke the story, Cassie did her own reveal with Alex by her side.

After the confirmation (you know our tea is always Lipton) Cassie’s boo Alex penned a beautiful message to his future daughter and his baby momma! In the letter he goes over all of the promises to his unborn child and his promises to Cassie. Reading through both it seems almost like vows if you ask me!

Regardless, the message is just absolutely adorable and definitely gives us some insight on just how much he cares about Cassie. We’re wishing them both a happy future and of course a safe delivery for Cassie!

Diddy hasn’t publicly congratulated his ex on the new edition to her family, but I’m sure in due time Diddy will address it.

Roommates, tell us what you thought of his heart-warming message!