Vanessa Hudgens is like the queen of nail colors and designs. Going into the Fall Season you definitely want to tone down on the colorful nails and choose either a dark or neutral colored nail polish. Plain nails without designs can be boring but if you don’t work in an uptight setting then you can extend your nail length to give your nails the edge that you are looking for. Instead of going the glossy route, you can go Matte for a more unique look. Below are photos of Vanessa Hudgens latest nail pics and we are in love! Her nails are perfect, do y’all agree? Vanessa gets her nails done faithfully at Laque Nail Bar (IG: @laquenailbar) located in North Hollywood.



Christian Louboutin Red



Matte Amethyst


Cappuccino Nail Color



Airbrush White With “All Seeing Eye” Design