Celebrity Blogger Jason Lee Lets Singer Kelly Price Have It! "You Stole My Idea & You Are Inconsiderate Of Bobbi Kristina!"

Celebrity Blogger Jason Lee Lets Singer Kelly Price Have It! “You Stole My Idea & You Are Inconsiderate Of Bobbi Kristina!”


Many of you are familiar with Celebrity Blogger Jason Lee who has dropped many exclusives on his website, some of them involving Floyd Mayweather. Jason is most known for his connections and influence in the industry as a Media and Brand Integration Specialist.

Don’t get it twisted though! Jason Lee will let you have it if you get out of line! This is the mistake Kelly Price made when she allegedly tried to steal his event idea. Not only that, he feels she is inconsiderate of Bobbi Christina’s current situation (hospitalized).

Here’s what Jason had to say to Ms. Kelly:

In 2012 I was honored to have produced the event that has notably become the final performance and appearance of the late and great Whitney Houston. Hosting Whitney and her daughter Bobbi Kristina was such an amazing honor that I decided to keep the legacy of Whitney alive during the Grammy’s in an honor that has delivered beyond my expectations.
With the current news of Bobbi Kristina, out of respect for the family, I decided to cancel this year’s celebration – similar to how I felt Clive Davis should have done the night Whitney died.
It’s been brought to my attention several times from celebrity and industry friends, sponsors, and fans that the platform, FOR THE LOVE OF R&B that I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and my own money into has been hijacked AGAIN by Kelly Price. While I can understand that creativity and opportunities don’t always come to folks the way they come to me, I would at least expect a successful songwriter like Kelly Price to know how inappropriate or tasteless it is to steal someone else’s ideas and brand. It’s evidenced in her naming the event, “2nd Annual For The Love Of R&B” when it’s now the 4th Annual…. It’s clear to me that there is no consideration for me, Whitney’s legacy, or the hard work that has gone into preserving this platform but with the current crisis the family is in with Bobbi Kristina’s health you’d think this mean girl would cancel the party. However since there will most likely be a red carpet to keep her name in the news, Kelly Price, like Clive Davis will take a “the show must go on” attitude that delivers nothing less than the exploitation she’s looking for.

While I wish Kelly and I could have maintained a partnership to support R&B music where the throwback generation could be fused with the new aged more modern sound of this important generation, I didn’t think that she would stoop this low.

Kelly Price is a bully. Period. And if you ever saw her on R&B Divas just know that the person you saw is the same person who is having a party this year to “honor Whitney” while her daughter is fighting for her life.


We think she stole his idea and deserved to get blasted! I mean she took the exact name for the event and tried to pass it off as her own. We all saw Kelly on R&B Divas! This snake ish is right up her alley!

What do you all think about this? Was Kelly Price in the wrong? Was Jason right to call her azz out?


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