Céline Dion Has Priceless Reaction To Fan Who Stopped Her So She Could Sing To Her

Céline Dion Has Priceless Reaction To Fan Who Stopped Her So She Could Sing To Her

Roommates, our beloved good sis Céline Dion is out here living her very best life selling out arena tours and killing the fashion game—but she also takes the time out for her devoted fans. In a video clip that has recently gone viral, Céline is seen asking her driver to stop the car so she could listen to a fan serenade her, however it’s her priceless reaction that has everyone talking.

Queen Céline loves her fans and while we’re sure she meant absolutely no harm to the fan, her reaction is iconic for several reasons. So, let’s break down why she easily wins the Internet for the week.

First, Céline was dressed (as usual) in her haute couture, designer fashion best, complete with oversized black shades that practically scream that she is the legendary diva that she is. Next, the way she cranes her neck to the side to listen to the woman sing with a completely straight face without letting on how she really feels is everything.

Although, the most iconic part of the video is how Céline ends the impromptu performance. As everyone around the world is doing their best to avoid contracting the deadly coronavirus, there are many precautions that everyone is taking to remain healthy.

Instead of hugging the fan or shaking their hand, Céline gives her a quick fist bump through her car window and says a quiet “Be blessed, thank you so much” with a smile.

That’s why we love Céline, an icon without even trying.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?


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