Cesar Pina Speaks Out About Alleged Real Estate Scheme

UPDATE: Cesar Pina Says DJ Envy Was ‘Never In The Room’ With Him During Alleged Real Estate Schemes

Cesar Pina is speaking out after being arrested for wire fraud earlier this month. As The Shade Room previously reported, Pina has been accused of defrauding “dozens of people” out of millions of dollars. Pina’s alleged activities are reportedly connected to fraudulent real estate ventures.

Additionally, Pina is a longtime friend and business partner of ‘The Breakfast Club’ co-host, DJ Envy. Furthermore, his alleged frauds were reportedly promoted by Envy on the nationally syndicated radio show.

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Cesar Pina Speaks Out A Week After His Arrest

Pina recently took to social media to speak about his “success” and seemingly question where all of his support has gone.

“Whenever you touch success, right, you get all these people that want to be around you, right,” Pina explained. “… I’m successful, everyone wants to be my friend, everyone wants to be around me [but] as soon as s**t hits the fan, all these people that have profited from my success… all these people that I have helped them with this helped them with that… Where are these people at? I don’t see them.”

Pina explained that instead, he has “all the haters” on his social media, telling him that he’s going to jail. The real estate developer, however, reminded viewers that there are multiple “sides to every story.”

Additionally, Pina said that he has 20 suits against him. However, he claimed he doesn’t owe money to most of the plaintiffs.

The Real Estate Developer Addresses DJ Envy’s Alleged Role In The Suspected Fraud

As the video continued, Pina began to address speculation that DJ Envy was involved in the alleged real estate fraud.

“Then you have all of these people being coerced to sue people affiliated with me just because they’re a bigger name than me,” Pina continued. “…In all these 20 lawsuits, DJ Envy was never in the room with me. DJ Envy has nothing to do with any of these 20 lawsuits…”

Pina explained that it “pisses” him off that people, including fellow media personalities and rappers, are now “bashing” DJ Envy.

Furthermore, the real estate developer continued by explaining that he has a “track record” of “no lawsuits” or “problems” in the industry between 2017 and 2022. Pina seemingly alleged that the current lawsuits against him may simply be coerced by the influence of media personalities who dislike him.

A Brief Look Back On Cesar Pina’s Alleged Real Estate Fraud

As The Shade Room previously reported, a lawsuit filed in July accused Cesar Pina, Jennifer Pina, and DJ Envy of defrauding “nearly $2 million” from real estate investors Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini.

Additionally, the plaintiffs accused the group of using the money for lavish expenses.

In August, DJ Envy reportedly filed to dismiss the lawsuit, alleging that the petition was sensationalized and he had nothing to do with the real estate transaction highlighted in the suit.

At the time, the DJ also alleged that he was a victim in Pina’s ventures as he allegedly invested $500,000 in a development and never received his initial return on investment or dividends, as allegedly promised.

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On October 18, Cesar Pina was reportedly arrested by federal agents and has since pled not guilty to a count of wire fraud.

According to the US Attorney’s Office of New Jersey, Pina faces up to 20 years in prison. Additionally, he also faces a fine of at least $250,000. Currently, DJ Envy has not been charged in connection with the case.


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