Charlamagne Apologizes To Reesa Teesa For "Big Back" Comment

His Bad? Charlamagne Tha God Clarifies “Big Back” Comments Related To Reesa Teesa (Video)

Roommates, Charlamagne Tha God kinda-sorta issued an apology to Reesa Teesa after she picked up on his recent “big back” comments.

What Charlamagne First Said & How Reesa Teesa Responded

As we last told y’all, Reesa went viral after breaking down how her ex-husband allegedly manipulated and lied to her. Her TikTok series has been a hot topic for a couple of weeks now, even leading to the ex “Legion” revealing himself to be Jerome Rome McCoy.

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Recently, ‘The Breakfast Club’ hosts — Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Jess Hilarious — chopped it up about the viral story. At one point, Charla stated that the 50-part video series was giving “big back behavior.” Then, Charlamagne asked Jess if Reesa Teesa has “a big back.”

Well, Reesa clearly saw his on-air description! She told Tamron Hall during a sit-down about the flipside of being innanet famous was people speaking about her looks. That included “big back” comments from a “very famous personality.” She called the comments “disappointing” and “hurtful.”

“I feel like how I look should not dictate whether or not I deserved the mistreatment,” Reesa Teesa told Tamron Hall.


Tha God Apologizes For Disturbing Reesa’s “Peace”

Charlamagne got wind of Reesa Teesa explaining how his comment impacted her. Note that she never name-dropped him. But on Monday (March 4), Charla issued an apology to the TikTok star.

“Sometimes the easiest way to keep your own peace is to not disturb the peace of others. I disturbed that woman’s peace and that wasn’t my intention. So I apologize if my words made her feel that way,” Charlamagne said.

Immediately after though, the radio personality dropped a “but” and clarified what he meant by his initial comments.

“But I do have two things to say. Number one I never said she don’t deserve love because of her size. I didn’t even know she was big. Jess told the story and I said, ‘It sound like big back behavior and I started talking about big back beliefs. Now, if y’all wanna have a conversation about reinforcing negative stereotypes about big backs, I understand. I’m open to it. But acting like I was having a conversation about Reesa Teesa’s looks and size. That’s not accurate.”

Besides explaining his “big back” philosophy, Charlamagne added that putting your life on the internet will solicit unwanted opinions.

“Reesa is getting a lot of props for being so vulnerable. Salute to her, but I personally feel like we have to stop bringing this stuff to social media if you can’t handle people having an opinion.” 

Swipe below to see Jess Hilarious agree with Charlamagne’s second point.

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