Roommates, the loss of Nipsey Hussle has had a deep impact on his family, and many have reached out to support them! Now, Charlamagne has done the same.

According to Page Six, Charlamagne had a photo of Nipsey 3D printed and cast into gold, to create a life-like piece to remember Neighborhood Nip! he also had the meaning of Ermias, “God will rise” put on the back.

The pendant was crafted by Greg Yuna, who said making the piece was fulfilling to him as an artist.

“I originally wanted to make a tribute piece regardless of being approached, but to make one with this purpose was even more fulfilling,” he said. “The paisley on the back was a symbolic depiction of h is roots and a lot of what he represented. ‘God will rise’ is what his name means and I think  that says it all. ”

Greg explained the process behind crafting such a memorable piece, including how he went about choosing the photo. He explained that henpecked a photo of Nip that would be “suitable and iconic” and then created a highly detailed CAD so the piece could be 3D-printed and cast in gold. It was finished off with all of his face tattoos lasered in and a full-cut diamond put into his ear.

Remembering Nipsey has come in many different forms, and we hope Lauren London felt the love with this offering from Charlamagne!